Why Do Trade Pros Need TradeyPay Escrow?

Get Paid Everytime - No Fees
The fear of not getting paid on time - or not getting paid at all. We've all been there. Ensuring that your customer has funds in place before you start the job can be difficult. Then, chasing payment after you have delivered, is beyond stressful.

Sound familiar? TradeyPay Escrow removes the uncertainty and hassle from collecting payments for your business - Ensuring you get paid in full and on-time as agreed.

Not only that, but using the latest EU regulated technology, TradeyPay Escrow can get you paid fast, in person and using your existing Phone or PC. No expensive credit card terminals or subscriptions - and you collect 100% of the payment with the customer paying any transaction fees. Nice.

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How it works


    Once your customer has hired you through Onlinetradesmen, discuss the project with them, agree the deliverables and ask them to pay you via TradeyPay Escrow.


    Either You or the customer creates the project on our platform - with the agreed payment amounts, milestones etc. and invites you to review it. You can send the customer a QR Code or Payment link and You'll get notifications via email. It's easy to use, fast, secure - and fully explained for you as you go.


    Once both parties have signed up and agreed, the customer lodges the money in a secure, third-party Escrow account with you as the designated Payee. You know that the money is allocated to you for the job and will be released once you hit the agreed milestones or have completed the job as agreed. You can start working without worrying about payment.


    Once the projected is completed as agreed, the customer released payment direct to your account. Payment is fast and easy - with a full audit trail of your transactions. The customer is delighted that they got what they paid for and you're delighted you got paid in full, on-time and without any hassle. Oh, and the customer pays all transaction fees - meaning you collect 100% of the payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've answered the most common ones we get about TradeyPay Escrow below.

In a nutshell TradeyPay Escrow provides extra safeguards and controls that paying by cash, bank transfer or credit card simply cannot provide.

By using TradeyPay Escrow both parties are pre-agreeing the cost, deliverables and scope of the job before it starts. This agreement is then reflected on the TradeyPay Escrow platform by both parties – meaning money will only be released to the tradesman, trade pro or builder once the project is delivered as agreed.

Additionally, both parties have to verify their identities and bank account as part of the transaction, so you also get certainty on who you are paying and what you are paying for unlike paying into a random bank account.

Your tradesman, trade pro or builder can now also be assured that the money in place for the job without you having to make any blind / good-faith payments – and you get all those extra guarantees on the quality and timelines of the job. Everyone wins!

First off, using TradeyPay ensures that the customer has the money to pay you for the project as agreed. It's allocated to you in a secure, regulated account. Straightway any uncertainty around funds or ability to pay is removed from the job for you.

On top of that both parties need to verify their details in line with applicable Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations - ensuring that the identity of your customer is verified by a trusted third party.

Finally, once the customer lodges funds, they can only be released to you as the payee - subject to you completing the job as agreed of course. So, where you deliver a quality job on the agreed terms, this money will be released to you as promised. In the event of a dispute there is an independent 3rd party mediation service - see disputes section below.

The TradeyPay Escrow service is powered by Trustshare UAB, a company registered in Lithuania with the registration code 305668309, whose registered office is at Zalgirio g. 90-100, LT-09303 Vilnius, Lithuania. Trusthare are registered with the Bank of Lithuania as EMD agent with authorisation code LB001994. Trustshare is also a licensed eMoney provider in the UK registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with reference number 902866.

Once you get invited by the customer to use TradeyPay Escrow, you will need to verify your identity and bank account details as per EU regulations. The bank account details that you provide will be where payment gets transferred by the customer. The customer will release payment to you once the job has been completed as agreed or as per the agreed milestones.

It's 100% free for active members of Onlinetradesmen. There are small transaction fees but they are borne by the customer. As a trade pro you collect 100% payment - unlike credit card machines or other payment processors. Not a member of Onlinetradesmen? You can apply to join here

Charges and fee structures are subject to change at anytime and will be communicated to members in line with terms and conditions of service.

TradeyPay Escrow uses advanced QR Code and payment link technology. This means it makes getting paid really easy!

To use them you simply go into your account, generate a QR Code or link and send it to your customer. They scan the QR code or open the link - and pay you there and then. It's magic!

With QR codes the possibilities are endless - you can add them to your invoices, business cards or even as stickers to the side of your van - a customer simply views it through their camera on a smart phone and it generates a payment screen.

In practice if you are with your customer, you can also just show them the QR code on your own phone and ask them to scan it from theirs. All the customer needs is a smart phone with a camera. They can just follow instructions that appear and you get paid instantly. No card machines or terminals - Just simple, fast payments.

To use TradeyPay Escrow as a Trade Pro and guaranteed payment for your job you need to sign up to the Onlinetradesmen as a member. You can do this here Once you have an account with us you can login and see all the details of how to sign-up.

Either party can lodge a dispute on the platform - the customer if they are not happy with the deliverables of a job, or the Trade Po if payment has been delayed / withheld for any reason. On the platform there is a ‘Dispute’ button which will initiate the process.

However, prior to doing this we recommend that you discuss the issue and try to resolve it with your customer first. In most cases issues can be traced back to simple misunderstandings or poor communication between parties. Always best to go down the informal route or reach a compromise before creating an official dispute.

Please note: Onlinetradesmen is not party to any disputes via the TradeyPay Escrow service and should not be contacted in relation to disputes as we are not party to the transaction and have no details of it.

Disputes are managed by Trustshare, an independent 3rd party, Once you have sent valid documents over to support the dispute, both parties are then notified of the dispute and are request to provide any additional supporting documentation.

A request is then made to both parties to attempt to reach agreement within 15 business days. Where agreement is not reached within this timeframe, Trustshare will make a decision within an additional 15 business days based upon the supporting evidence provided by both parties and then distribute the relevant funds accordingly.

It is advisable that both parties engage in the process where a dispute is raised. It stands within reason that where a party does not provide any supporting evidence to defend their position, the dispute will settled against them.

Please note: Onlinetradesmen is not party to any disputes via the TradeyPay Escrow service and should not be contacted in relation to disputes as we are not party to any transactions and have no details of it.