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In 2005, our founder, Ted Laverty, encountered a bathroom disaster due to a rogue tradesperson. This incident led to the discovery that despite the abundance of formally qualified tradespeople in Ireland, anyone could pose as a skilled tradesman or builder. Further investigation revealed that many Irish homeowners had faced similar issues with unqualified operators. Motivated by this, Onlinetradesmen was established.

Onlinetradesmen, founded in 2005, aims to alleviate the inconvenience and uncertainty homeowners face when hiring tradespeople for home improvement or repair projects. We also strive to support and promote the qualified tradespeople of Ireland.


Hassle-free home improvements

  • Since 2006, We've been dedicated to lifting standards across the home improvement sector so that home owners can get better outcomes across their projects - big and small.
  • We are Ireland's only standards-based service. We undertake a 4-point check on all our trade members to help remove hiring uncertainty for home owners.
  • You can relax in the knowledge that We've processed over 1.45 Million jobs to date across Ireland.
  • We promote home owner feedback and our trade members have received an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars using our service ratings engine.
  • As a home owner you can choose from over 300+ home improvement or repair jobs to get hassle free replies from local qualified tradespeople.
  • Our service is fast, free and independent. You choose who you wish to hire and negotiate directly with them. There are no added commissions or fees from trade members for using our service.
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Real business support for tradespeople

  • Since 2006 We've been dedicated to helping qualified accredited tradesmen, builders and trade professionals across their businesses.
  • We are passionate about the promotion and differentiation of qualified, accredited trade professionals and their work to Irish homeowners .
  • Our unique 'Everything App' provides Trade Pros with the technology and supports that they need to run a trade business more efficiently - increasing sales and freeing up valuable time.
  • The Everything App will help your business automate sales, marketing and finances - as well as helping you to up-skill and save money.
  • Our member only insights and education is aimed to help trade pros stay on top of the industry while using data to grow their businesses.
  • We partner with other leading, innovative brand names for the benefit of our members day-to-day operations and lives.
  • We're Irish and based in Dublin 14. You can contact us at anytime and We're happy to discuss your business challenges to see if we can help
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