What Tradesmen say about Us.

Onlinetradesmen is Ireland's leading marketplace for homeowners to find experienced and qualified tradesmen. 

Here's what tradesmen have to say about why Onlinetradesmen is the perfect partner to help grow and support their businesses.

  • Arnold Wilson - AW Carpentry

    "Being a member of OnlineTradesmen has doubled the work volume coming our way and after such uncertainty over the past years it has really given us great peace of mind to know there are always new jobs on offer. "

    Member since 08/2015
  • Darren Tobin - DT Decor

    "I rejoined Onlinetradsemen last year to help me plan my work schedule. I have some big clients but always need to ensure I've enough smaller jobs booked in around the big jobs and to keep things going during the slower periods. OnlineTradesmen really helps with keeping the jobs flowing in. "

    Member since 04/2015
  • Noel Gubbins - Tipp Top Tradesmen

    "Onlinetradesmen is my lifeline! "

    Member since 03/2011
  • Ciaran Nangle - C. B. Construction

    "Great site. Keeps work going all the time. "

    Member since 09/2010
  • Joe Whelan - J Whelan-Fitted-Bathrooms

    "I joined OnlineTradesmen back in 2012 on the recommendation of another tradesman. At the time, things were very quiet and I thought I'd give it a go. I was delighted to win a job within days of joining. 7 years on, I'm still a member of OnlineTradesmen and still winning work! "

    Member since 04/2012
  • Joe Folliard - Joe Folliard Tiling

    "Onlinetradesmen is the backbone of my business. Getting lots of work and benefits out of my membership! "

    Member since 02/2014
  • Pat Zinkant - Around The House Maintenance

    "I have been using for a couple of years now and I can say now after an initial bedding in period that the service has been of great benefit to my business. I would not use the internet for work and I would consider my computer skills to be extremely poor but with the help of the guys in I have won numerous jobs and would recommend the service to any tradesman looking for work. "

    Member since 10/2012
  • John Scott - Scott Painting and Decorating

    "I recently joined and already I've got a few jobs from the site and very pleased with the set up. "

    Member since 03/2019
  • Luke Doyle - Olympian Landscaping

    "Onlinetradsmen has opened a new channel of work for my business. I am getting jobs that I simply wouldn't have been in the frame for before. I find it a very good resource for my business and I value that it promotes the services of professional and qualified tradesmen over unqualified ones. "

    Member since 10/2016
  • Jimmy Dodd - JD Carpentry & Building

    "The service now gets me about 40% of my work. The web site is very useful to show my work and many new customers have commented that the Ratings on my profile were key to their decision making in choosing me to hire for the job. "

    Member since 10/2017
  • Paul & William Black - Quality Home & Property Maintenance

    "Thanks for very much for signing me up. Delighted I did. I love the way it works. It's made a huge difference to my business since I joined up. I’m so grateful to you all. Best money i ever spent - no hesitation in telling anyone else to sign up. I’m meeting so many new customers and starting to get repeat business. I’ve tried other providers but this one is simply the best. "

    Member since 12/2018
  • William Dempsey - W Dempsey Builders

    "I've been a member since 2008 and find the service extremely useful, especially in cases of cancellations or waiting for a job to start. Really useful to take on smaller jobs to fill in those gaps. "

    Member since 07/2008
  • Jonathan Herbert - Leinster Decor

    "I wouldn't be without onlinetradesmen. The service got me through the recession and I've built up about 500 clients now all generated from jobs on Onlinetradesmen and ongoing referrals. "

    Member since 07/2013
  • Patrick Roche - Roche Building Services.

    "It's been brilliant for me, nearly all my work this year has come from Onlinetradesmen. It's great value and I don't do any other advertising. "

    Member since 09/2008
  • Mick Power - MP Plastering

    "Onlinetradesmen has been very productive for me as it works very well with my business plan. I like that customers can read about my experience and qualifications on my website and see photos of jobs I've completed. It's great they can read what other customers have said on my Ratings page. "

    Member since 01/2015
  • Ian - Bright Enough Decor

    "Just joined recently, one of the fairest websites I've used. Delighted so far with the number of jobs, it's been fantastic. "

    Member since 07/2019
  • Paul Martin - Paul Martin Blocklaying

    "Having an online presence is vital for my business and Onlinetradesmens has been fantastic to get me online in an easy, straightforward and cost-effective way. "

    Member since 02/2019
  • Jason McDonagh - JMC Home Improvements

    "Since joining I've built up lots of new customers and I'm getting recommendations too. Really glad I joined, it's a great service. "

    Member since 11/2018
  • Damien Reilly - Reilly Home and Garden

    "To be honest it could not be any better for me , and more recently I have asked clients to leave reviews which has been great and very effective and giving new clients a level of what to expect from me. "

    Member since 11/2014
  • Ollie Molloy - Ollie Molloy carpentry

    "I joined 2 months ago and 90% of my work is now from Onlinetradesmen. I've 4 - 5 weeks of work ahead of me booked in. I'm flat out busy! "

    Member since 08/2019
  • Padraig McDonagh - McDonagh Plumbing

    "Very good service, thanks. It took me a little bit of getting used to as I hadn't used an online service before but I'm now getting on great and getting lots of 5 * ratings from customers so very pleased. "

    Member since 06/2019
  • Rod Maharg - Bravo Architects

    "Onlinetradesman has given me exposure to people that I would not have had contact with otherwise, and I've brought in projects that have widened my experience. "

    Member since 12/2008
  • Brian McMahon - Painting and Decorating

    "I'm very happy to be on Onlinetradesmen. It keeps the work coming in. "

    Member since 01/2015
  • Brendan Place - The Window Master

    "Onlinetradesmen has been and continues to be a great site to identify and bid for work projects posted by customers. "

    Member since 05/2008
  • Keith Lawlor - Keith Lawlor Tiling Contractor

    "Just joined recently, I wanted work closer to home rather than in Dublin. I've 3 jobs booked in already in Kildare so very happy, thanks. "

    Member since 01/2020
  • James Finneran - Core Electrical

    "Onlinetradesmen has brought me into many homes and businesses and increased my customers. I’m happy that I’ve built up well over 20 ratings for anyone to see on my website. I have the Onlinetradesmen van sticker proudly displayed on my van alongside my Safe Electric sticker so the customer knows they’re getting a reputable and qualified tradesman. "

    Member since 03/2018
  • Roy Murnane - Everlast Property Maintenance

    "I’m very busy because of your website thanks for all the help and support. "

    Member since 02/2020
  • John Fitzsimons - Precision Electrical

    "Onlinetradesman is a pure professional service which has left my buisness in a fantastic position i highly recommend any tradesman who wishes to join they are fantastic to deal with and an endless amount of work with them. Thank you again Onlinetradesman appreciate your help and support "

    Member since 04/2006
  • Gary Fagan - Emerald Green Decor

    "I use this service quite often and find it very helpful in my business. Highly recommended. "

    Member since 11/2009
  • Stephen Byrne - Stephen Byrne Decor

    "I am a qualified painter and decorator and have been a member of since 2011 They are a very important source of work for me and an excellent company to work with "

    Member since 10/2020
  • Michael Crowley - Michael Crowley-Painter-Decorator-

    "I have used onlinetrades for a number of years and find them extremely professional they account for a significant portion of my work and job opportunities are always a certainty I have never had a bad experience with any of the clients I have done work for and would highly recommend online tradesmen as a very professional source of work and no doubt continue to use their services for the foreseeable future "

    Member since 09/2004
  • Martin Kosterke - Roof Repair Ireland

    "We are a couple of guys who went out on their own and you're after helping us out so much. It's great, I love dealing with you. Thank you. "

    Member since 03/2021
  • Will Watson - WW Tiling

    "Onlinetradesmen helped me connect with new customers and builders, who have now become regulars. Through Onlinetradesmen you would regularly meet people in various trades and exchange info. "

    Member since 11/2016
  • Stefan Molloy - Alligator Landscapes

    "Membership is great value, it's very little to pay for all you get in return. Even when I'm busy it's reassuring to see job alerts coming in and know work is there for me when I need it. "

    Member since 06/2020
  • Stephen McNamara - Worth Building

    "For me there's no comparison with other services - the volume of work that I get an opportunity to quote for has helped me build a great client base through smaller jobs. It's been a great support since I started my business. I'm now getting repeat work and more referrals. "

    Member since 07/2019
  • Billy Lewis - Billy Lewis Plastering

    "Onlinetradesmen is a good way of promoting my business and reaching a wider range of customers. It’s great that they can read comments and ratings on previous jobs and know they can trust that they are hiring the right man for the job. "

    Member since 06/2015
  • Michael Keely - MK Heating & Plumbing Ltd

    "The Onlinetradesmen website has been very worthwhile for my business. I have been able to increase business easily and effectively. I now have a tool I can use which is great for me and my customers. The rating system which is written by past customers is very good as it let's any potential customers see how I rate as a professional. "

    Member since 09/2019
  • Niall Nevin - Niall Nevin Construction

    "Good company, I’ve gotten a lot of work thru Onlinetradesmen "

    Member since 03/2015
  • Owen Murphy - Owen Murphy Plumbing

    "Joining was the best thing I've done in a long time. Really good jobs coming through the service helping me find my ideal customers in the areas I want. "

    Member since 01/2021
  • Michael O Donnell - O'Donnell Carpentry & Tiling

    "I find onlinetradesm a very good service and professional. Always keeping me updated on job leads and what's happening in the world of construction and trades. An excellent service "

    Member since 01/2013
  • Brendan Gleeson - Forever Green Landscaping

    "Top class service 👏 Very professional to deal with. Brilliant client base. Hats off to "

    Member since 11/2018
  • Michael Kelly - Mk plumbing and heating Ltd.

    "The website has been very worthwhile for my business. Since starting with I have been able to get jobs from all over Dublin an area I chose through the onlinetradesmen website. I have been able to increase business easily and effectively. I now have a tool I can use which is great for me and my customers. The rating system which is written by past customers is very good as it let's any potential customers see how I rate as a professional. "

    Member since 01/2021
  • Mark Kelly - Josephmarks painters

    "I have pleasure in reviewing this efficient service and have been with Onlinetradesmen from their beginning many years back. They have served me well in forming a clean and professional conduit to and from numerous customers wishing to avail of josephmarks painters decorating services. In some previous years and through the "Covid" experience they have endeavoured to keep the connection active between customer and my services. "

    Member since 08/2010
  • Kevin Phibbs - Phibbs Plumbing

    "Very happy I joined. Great to get work to get your business off the ground "

    Member since 01/2022
  • Graham Phillips - Atech Professional Tiling

    "Roughly 60% of my work now comes from Onlinetradesmen. It's been great to get my name out there and build my business. "

    Member since 07/2016
  • Frank Bohan - LCF Demense Ltd

    "90% of my business come from the Onlinetradesmen service. It's perfect for bigger jobs and picking up smaller jobs to fit in around the larger projects. I find it easy to respond to customers and win business. "

    Member since 11/2013
  • James Byrne - JC Carpentry

    "I find it easy to use and like that I'm in direct contact with the customer very quickly to close with them. "

    Member since 02/2013
  • Ionut (Johnny) Buliga - Johnn's Handyman

    "Very good service, thank you! "

    Member since 03/2021
  • Lewis Murphy - Murphy Painting

    "Moving to Tullamore, Co Offaly from Wexford meant building up a reputation locally was vital for business. Onlinetradesmen has helped me establish my business in Offaly and put me in touch with home owners in the area. It’s helped with my marketing eg sharing posts on social media, saving me money on expensive advertising. "

    Member since 07/2021
  • Anthony Gaffney - Mr T Roofing

    "I wanted to get away from site work for better work life balance and go back to working for myself. I was hesitant but the service has worked out brilliantly for me with good jobs and the bookkeeping. Even the wife is happy! "

    Member since 09/2022
  • James Sellars - J Sellars Landscaping

    "Onlinetradesmen has been a valuable resource for me over the past 10 years. It's helped me connect with new clients and find available work in my area. I'm grateful that their platform is there to help me grow my business. "

    Member since 07/2008
  • Richard Comerford - RC Plumbing & Heating

    "I've been a member for years and though I have a solid customer base, I always pick up jobs from it, so it's well worth the money for all I get in return "

    Member since 07/2015

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